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Rev. Jeffrey D. Tudgay, J.C.L., Pastor

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Feast Day - 8:00am & 7:00pm

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Please note, our offices have moved into the Conlan Center. Please enter using the doors to the right of the parish hall.

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Homeschool Program 2021-2022

Don't forget, you can answer the QOTW or the online assessment -- your choice.

You can answer this week's question on our Religious Education Facebook page (after 9am each Sunday), or on this web form. If you missed a week don't worry -- previous questions are on the form -- just answer them when you can!


To access the online assessments: Click the link for the student’s edition, scroll to Lesson Assessments, choose the week, and then Online Assessments and follow the instructions

Email sent 10/25/21 -- A few updates:

  1. The next set of lessons are available for you to pick up. In the same grey box outside the lower level of the church.
  2. CHANGE: Please note, I do NOT need you to return the first set of lessons. When I first thought thru the homeschool program I figured it would be helpful to have, but as we’ve worked thru the weekly lessons I see there really aren’t that many activities or other information I or Father would get from receiving those previous lessons. So you can go ahead and recycle those papers.
  3. I think we are all in the groove on the Question of the Week and the livestream participation.
  4. NEW OPTION: Each weekly lesson has the option for an online assessment. As we’ve now gone thru a few weeks of the QOTW I wanted to offer your students another opportunity – so starting this Sunday (10/31) your student can choose to complete the Question of the Week OR the online assessment. If they do the assessment it needs to be emailed to me ( The choice is theirs (yours) and you can go back and forth – as long as it’s the weekly question OR the assessment. They can certainly do both! The requirement to attend mass in person or the livestream remains.

To access the online assessments: Click the link for the student’s edition, scroll to Lesson Assessments, choose the week, and then Online Assessments and follow the instructions


Thanks for all your extra work on this program – I hope it is meaningful for you and your children. I can say I’m learning something new about the gospels each week. However, I would love your feedback – so please let me know you thoughts (good or bad).

Finally, we have a handful of homeschool students who sometimes attend in-person. Please know your students are always welcome to join our classroom. I just ask that you email me prior to the Sunday they will be in person and please send that week’s lesson and workbook to class with them (we don’t have extra lessons or workbooks).

As always – I’m here to support you and your students. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask! Alysia (

UPDATE 10/15/21 -- Mass Readings: Did you know the readings and prayers for each week are available on our website? I know some children like to "read along" during mass so for anyone on the livestream you can also pull up the readings (on another device, or switch screens on you smartphone or tablet). :)


Email sent 9/23/21 -- Thank you for participating in the homeschool program this year. I’ve heard from several of you with some suggestions, input and questions so I just wanted to share with everyone.

First and foremost – you all are setting a beautiful example of faith and love working with your children each week on the lessons. As parent I know all too well that some days are easier than others, sometimes the kids are more compliant than others, some days I just have more patience than others …. But it’s life and it’s beautiful.

Several of you mentioned that it was taking longer than an hour to get thru the weekly sheets and workbook activities. Sometimes a great discussion takes place – and you should feel free to nurture and encourage those discussions. Our weekly sheets are the starting point, but if your conversations go another way – by all means, follow the discussion. I’d suggest starting the weekly sheets and conclude after an hour, whether you’ve completed all the activities or not. Your child can go back later … or not.


  • We expect our Homeschool students to answer the Question of the Week to continue to foster a sense of community with the parish and our other homeschool and in-person families. I link to the QOTW web form on this page and also on the RE Facebook page – you can feel free to answer on either.
  • Homeschool students, just like our in-person students, are also expected to attend weekly mass (Sat. @ 4pm, Sun. @ 8am, 10:05am or 11:30am) or watch the 10:05am livestream. If watching the livestream (at 10:05 or later in the day) please like or comment on the post.

Remember – you will return your students’ weekly sheets when you come to pick up the next set of lessons (this set goes thru 11/7).

As always – if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to serve you and your children.

(updated 9/14/21)

Thank you for participating in our homeschool program this year. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to continuing your child’s faith formation at home. Please know, your students are welcome to join our in-person classes whenever they are comfortable doing so. I would just ask that you send in their materials from home.

The packets are ready to be picked up at the church in a waterproof box outside the doors to the lower-level entrance to the Conlan Center. To access, drive around the rectory to the back of the building. Please see detailed information and instructions below. Lessons start this Sunday, 9/19.

As this is new for all of us, laid out below are my thoughts of how this will work. As we all know, initial plans often change. Please know I will do my best to communicate any changes to you via email, this homeschool web page, and the Remind text group.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improving the program or process, please let me know.

In your initial packet you will receive:

  1. Eight-weeks’ worth of lessons. These are the newspaper-like pages. Within that one set is all eight weeks. This first set covers 9/19 – 11/7.
  2. Your student’s accompanying handbook. Each week’s lesson will refer to activities to be completed in the workbook that connect the catechism of the church to the gospel. The curriculum publishers have broken down the Catechism of the Catholic Church (basically, what the church teaches and believes) into age-appropriate language. This workbook will be used all year.
  3. 1st graders will receive our parish Prayer Sheet. 2nd graders will also receive this prayer sheet as well as information on receiving First Reconciliation and First Communion.

Packet Pick Up and Return

  • Every eight weeks I will receive a new shipment of the Gospel Weeklies curriculum and will let families know when their packets are ready for pick up.
  • I will leave the packets (organized alphabetically by family) in a waterproof box outside the doors to the lower-level entrance to the Conlan Center. To access, drive around the rectory to the back of the building
  • Families are responsible for picking up the materials prior to the beginning of the new 8-week period.
  • When you come to pick up the new materials, please leave the previous 6 weeks of lessons in the file folder with your family’s name. Please write your student’s name and grade on their papers.
  • Do not return their workbook, just the newspaper-like weekly lesson pages.

Expectations, Participation & Interaction

  • Homeschool students are expected to complete each weekly lesson and return it to me. Your family can determine the best time to complete the work. Does not have to be on Sunday morning.
  • Families are expected to attend mass (Sat. @ 4pm, Sun @ 8am, 10am, 11:30am) or watch the livestream. This year’s curriculum connects to the weekly Gospel.
  • If you cannot attend mass due to health concerns and are watching the livestream, the student’s parent should “like” the livestream video or make a comment on the livestream thread.
  • Students will answer the Question of the Week (QOTW) on our religious ed Facebook page or use the online form if you do not want your answer public or you don’t have Facebook. The link to the QOTW will be on the religious ed web pageQuestions will be posted at 9am each Sunday.
  • For students in a Sacramental Year (2nd & 8th) I will communicate with you directly regarding additional preparation requirements



Outline of our 2021-2022 homeschool program

Unlike last year, the catechists (religious education teachers) will not be emailing weekly lessons.

Program begins 9/19. Packet pick up will be week of 9/12. Alysia will email/text parents as to when/where to pick up materials.

  • Every six weeks parents will pick up our Gospel Weeklies sheets (the same we will be using in our classrooms)
    • These are age-appropriate lessons based on the weekly gospel
    • Each week the student and their parent will work thru that week's packet which generally includes a story, activity, connection to real-world and family life, and the catechism.
  • When parents come for the next six-week batch of Gospel Weeklies they will turn in the completed activities from the previous six weeks
  • We hope to have a weekly Gospel-related family activity posted to the parish religious ed Facebook page which the homeschool children are expected to take part in
  • There is no virtual learning component (Zoom meetings, Google Meet, etc).
  • Families are expected to regularly attend mass or watch the livestream to connect the weekly lesson with hearing the Word during mass
  • Any student in a sacramental year (2nd or 8th grade) will need to meet with Alysia Clancy to ensure proper preparation
  • Fee for homeschool is the same as in-person ($35 per student)

If you wish to switch your child to our homeschool option please contact Alysia Clancy via email ( or at the parish office (570-842-7656, #5).