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Welcome to Second Grade Religious Education

Second Grade Catechists: Stacey Talbot and Katie Seltenheim --

Link to the digital book login for students who requested digital (not hardcopy) books.

Check out the Sunday Connection to help put this weekend's readings into perspective.

All Second Grade families should join the Class Remid Group. To join text @ste2ndgr to 81010. 

NEW --Take a virtual tour of the church. See the views from the choir loft and altar. Learn about the statues and holy oils.

We've compiled a list of resources we use to prepare students for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

WEEK 8 -- Nov. 22-28

Good Morning Second Grade Families-

Parent Notes:

  • First and foremost, THANK YOU, for your grace and understanding as we made the decision to postpone First Reconciliation . As Father Jeff shared in his email last week, we are truly thankful for your patience and commitment to your child's religious education among all your other responsibilities.
  • There will be no lesson next Sunday, 11/29. We hope you all enjoy a safe and blessed thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Last week we reviewed Moses and the 10 Commandments. We will revisit this topic as we prepare the children for their First Reconciliation.

This week we will be taking a break from our books to discuss Thanksgiving.

The word Eurcharist is a greek word that means Thanksgiving.

At the first Eucharistic Meal, the last supper, Jesus broke the bread and gave thanks. Each week at mass we celebrate this meal, but there is no turkey, pie or mashed potatoes. Rather, when we gather around Christ’s table for Eucharist, we are invited to receive the real presence of Jesus Christ.

This week, we would like the children to draw for us their Thanksgiving Dinner table on one side of the paper and the Eucharist Meal on the other side. Their drawings may include the table, food that is served, and the people who are present with them. We would like the students to identify the altar as the table and the bread and wine as the meal at mass. The students can circle how their Thanksgiving Dinner and Eucharist drawings are similar. The students may also write some of the things they are thankful for on their drawings.

We can't wait to see your beautiful pictures! Maybe some of them will be featured on our Facebook page this week!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Mrs Talbot and Mrs Seltenheim

WEEK 7 -- Nov. 15-21

Good Morning Second Grade Families-

Parent Notes:
• First and foremost THANK YOU! I know we tell you each week, but we truly appreciate your commitment to our religious ed program.
• As a reminder next Sunday, November 22, we will meet at the church at 9am for our first of 2 in person meetings to prepare our students for First Reconciliation. Students will not need to bring their books for this class.
• Our next scheduled in person session is Sunday, December 6 at 9am.
• First Reconciliation will take place on Saturday, December 12th.

Last week we learned in Session 5 that Jesus is the Bread of Life and like the meals we eat, he also nourished us.

This week we will work on Unit 2 Session 6 pages 45-54. In this Unit we learn about the 10 Commandments. The 10 Commandments are God's special rules to help us live good lives, be kind to one another, and act more like Jesus. As we prepare for the Sacrament of First Reconciliation, it is important to remember that God is always with us, loves us, and forgives us when we are truly sorry.

The QR Code on page 48 is a short video about Moses and the 10 Commandments. I also like this short animated clip on YouTube.

When you are finished with the unit and activities, please complete the session review using the link below:
When you complete the review, you enter our e-mail ( and your student's name.

Have a great week!
Mrs Seltenheim and Mrs Talbot

WEEK 6 -- Nov. 8-14

Dear Parents and Students:
We hope everyone had a wonderful week and enjoyed the beautiful day yesterday! This week we will be completing Unit 1 sessions 5 pages 37 -42. "Celebrating Ordinary Time". This session identifies Ordinary Time in the liturgical year in the church. Ordinary Time is a time to grow and be fed by Jesus, "The Bread of Life". The food we eat helps us to grow physically in size and keeps us healthy and strong. Jesus also helps us to grow and be nourished spiritually. We grow closer to Jesus by praying, reading bible stories or saying grace. He puts love in our hearts and peace in our minds.

Extra ideas:

  • Here is a fun worksheet to help the students understand how Jesus is represented in the church each week as the Bread of Life.
  • This link was shared with us by our wonderful pastoral associate Ellen Dermody, and RE director Alysia Clancy. It is an essay that discusses the idea of Natural Revelation. How we can listen for God in nature and observe the beauty of all of his creations. Maybe this weekend we can all take a few moments to enjoy the peace and serenity of God's beautiful creations, a time to pause and listen.

We hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the beauty of the day.

Thank you for all your help each and every week.

Respectfully, Mrs. Seltenheim and Mrs. Talbot

WEEK 5 -- Nov. 1-7

Good morning parents and second graders!

 We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your help in teaching your child. I know it has added to the already busy life you all have. We just want you to know we appreciate all of your help, guidance and efforts. 
This week we will be moving on to the next session Unit 1, session 4  (pages 29 - 35). In this session we learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit which guides us and gives us faith. Imagine Jesus is watching over you. He is the light of the world ! His light shines all  around us. Imagine the light of Christ shining on you. When we shine with the light of Christ, the Holy Spirit is working within us! 
Extra ideas: There is also a review on page 277 about how the Holy Spirit and how it helps us to make good choices.  You can also listen to the song This Little Light of Mine  or have the kids make a candle with a popsicle stick and a flame cut out of construction paper and glued to the top. On the stick or flame your child can write how the Holy Spirit shines through them or what they do that makes them shine like Jesus! 
Ex: love, joy , kindness.
Below is the session review
We hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Thanks again!
 Mrs. Seltenheim and Mrs. Talbot

WEEK 4 -- Oct. 25-31

Good Morning Second Grade Families-

Parent Notes:

  • As a reminder this week we will begin to take attendance for each week using your response to the session review. When you complete the review, you enter our e-mail ( and your student's name.
  • All are invited to celebrate this Halloween from 2-4pm at our socially-distanced Family Fall Fest with a bonfire, children's activities, pumpkin painting, and candy & goodie bags. Children are invited to wear their costumes. Saturday evening's 4pm mass will follow. 
Last week we learned in Session 2 that God the Father gave his Son, Jesus,  to us as his greatest gift. 

This week we will work on Unit 1 Session 3 pages 21-28. In this Unit we learn that God is our Father, as he is to Jesus. God will care, guide and love us always.When you are finished with the unit and activities, please complete the session review using the link below: (Let's hope I get it right the first time this week!)

Have a great week!

Mrs Seltenheim and Mrs Talbot

WEEK 3 -- Oct. 18-24


Good Afternoon Families- Thank you for your patience as we work to learn our new online resources. This is the correct link to the session review for this week:

As we shared in today's meeting starting next week, the completion of this session review will be how we take attendance for class each week. When you complete the review the final screen will request an e-mail and your child's name. Please enter this e-mail: 

Reach out to us if you have any questions. 

Mrs Seltenheim and Mrs Talbot


Good Morning Second Grade Families-

Parent Notes:
• We look forward to seeing you at our second grade meeting this morning at 9am either in person or on the live stream.
• If you chose to receive a physical book, you will see QR codes throughout your child's book. Use your phone or device camera to take a picture of the QR Code square. These codes will bring you to links for videos, prayers, articles and the session reviews and are a great additional resource for you to take advantage of.  We put together a cheat sheet for using the QR codes with different devices.

Last week we learned about God's creation of people, the earth and all living things in the world. Wherever you go, remember to show love and care for the people, earth and living things that God gave us as a sign of His love.

This week we will work on Unit 1, Session 2, pages 13-20. In this unit we learn about the most precious gift that God gave to us, his Son, Jesus. There are some big vocabulary words on page 15 that we will talk about a few times this year as we prepare for First Communion.

When you are finished with the unit and activities, please complete the session review using the link below or by Scanning the QR Code at the bottom of page 19.

Super Bonus Second Grader Work: The Activity: A Sign of Love is located at the bottom of page 20. If your child decides to do a drawing about what makes your family special, we would love to see them.

We hope you all have a great week!
Mrs. Seltenheim and Mrs. Talbot

WEEK 2 -- Oct. 11-17

Hello students and parents:

Thank you so much those of you that sent your all About Me Posters. It was so much fun for us to look at and to learn more about each of you. Thank you for sharing.

This week we will be starting with our book Finding God Unit 1, session 1 "God Creates Us." In the new editions there are QR codes that coordinate with particular sections of the session. The initial code is a short video that summarizes the session. It is a great way to begin. I enjoyed watching it. There is also a QR reviews at the end of the session that can be emailed to us. If you could send those via email it would be appreciated.

Along with the lesson we usually like to read from the bible. This helps the children learn where to locate the parables and how to use the bible. If you have a children's bible at home these bible readings are a nice addition to the lesson they include; Genesis 1 1-31, and Timothy 4:4. If you don't have a bible at home you can find these passages online -- Genesis 1:1-31 and Timothy 4:4.

In addition, here are 2 worksheets to help reinforce what they learned. They are usually fun and promote visual and tactile learning for some students.

Our goal for the year ultimately is to teach the children how much God truly loves them! Thank you so much to all of you for your time, consideration, and help.

Have a wonderful week,
Mrs. Seltenheim and Mrs. Talbot

PS -- Don't forget to RSVP for our meeting next Sunday (10/18).

WEEK 1 -- Oct. 4-10

Good Morning second grade students and parents: Welcome to our first virtual class.We hope this email finds you all well.  We would like to start out with just an introduction.  This week we would  like to get to know a little bit about all of you.  Attached is an information sheet All About You!  If the students with your help could fill it out, color it and send it back to us it would be wonderful.  If you do not have a printer you can just send a list of the topics mentioned on the paper.  We are also using this return response as a tool to make sure everyone is receiving the emails and information for the future weeks ahead.     

 We are very excited to share this sacramental year with you! We hope it will be fun, informative  and exciting even though we can't meet in person each week.
There will be a parent/student meeting on October 18 th at 9 am in the parish hall.  We will be socially distanced, but if anyone feels uncomfortable attending the meeting it will be livestreamed that morning.  We will try to make this as easy as possible for all during these challenging times.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a wonderful week!  
Mrs. Seltenheim and Mrs. Talbot

The textbooks for grades 1-6 (hardcopy and digital) incorporate QR codes (those black and white square boxes) linking to the publisher's website with videos, activities, and other multimedia features. 

This QR code to the left is not clickable on a laptop or desktop. Click here to read about accessing QR codes on various devices.


Below is a brief outline of what children enrolled in St. Eulalia's Religious Education Program learn during Second Grade

This is a major year for students as they receive two sacraments -- First Reconciliation in December and First Holy Communion in May. Teachers need to cover a lot of material with the students so they understand the sacraments and are well prepared. Although many adults may recall their First Reconciliation or First Penance or Confessions with fear, our teachers are wonderful at making sure the children understand there is nothing to be afraid of. We try our best to make sure each student is well prepared and make the experience a comfortable and welcoming one. The year culminates in the beautiful sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Click here for our Religious Ed Prayer Sheet we use with all students in the program.

Sign Up for Religious Education -- You can complete the online registration form or download the PDF registration form. The completed PDF can be emailed back to Mrs. Clancy or printed and placed in the Offertory Box in the church, mailed to the parish office (ATTN: Alysia Clancy), or dropped off at the parish office.

If you are new to our parish, you can register online or download and complete the parish census form.

**Please note, preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion is a two-year course of study. If you would like to discuss your options for Second Graders new to our Religious Education program please call the Parish Office at 570-842-7656 or email Alysia Clancy at