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Welcome to First Grade Religious Education

First Grade Catechists: Mollie Magnotta and Amy Croom --

Link to the digital book login for students who requested digital (not hardcopy) books.

Check out the Sunday Connection to help put this weekend's readings into perspective.

All First Grade families should join the Class Remid Group. To join text @ste1stgr to 81010. 

NEW --Take a virtual tour of the church. See the views from the choir loft and altar. Learn about the statues and holy oils.

WEEK 15 -- Feb. 21-27

Good morning.

We hope you and your family had a great week.

In this weeks lesson Jesus teaches us to share. Jesus welcomes all people and calls us to share his love. We, as Christians and members of the Roman Catholic Church, share Jesus' love with one another. God was us to love and help our neighbors.

Please have you child read and do the activities in Unit 3 Lesson 13 (pages 105-1120

Below is the link for the session review.

Please continue to work on reciting the Our Father.

Have a wonderful week.

Stay safe and healthy.

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 14 -- Feb. 14-20

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you and your family had a great week.

This week in the church we enter into the Lenten Season. Wednesday, February 17 is Ash Wednesday. In this lesson we hear about wanting to grow by staying close to God. God the Father wants us to be like his Son, Jesus. We can be like Jesus by doing good deeds.

As followers of Jesus we honor the season of Lent by embracing the three pillars of Lenten observance.

Almsgiving - generously giving to those in need
Fasting - practicing self-discipline and self-denial
Prayer - reading, hearing and reflecting on the Word or God

Check out this 40 Crosses calendar for your child to keep for the Lenten Season. This is not mandatory, but it is a simple way to help your child remember the importance of Lent daily.

For this week's lesson please read and do the activities in the Lent section in the back of the book, pages 221 - 224.

Also here is a cute and easy Valentine's Day craft. If you want to send a picture of your child's completed craft we will post to the parish Facebook page. Send the picture to

Please continue to work on reciting the Our Father.

Have a wonderful week.

Stay safe and healthy.

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 13 -- Feb. 7-13

Good morning.

We hope you had a wonderful week.

This week's lesson will be focused on the second half of the Lord's Prayer.

Please have your child read and do the activities in Unit 2 Session 8 (pages 63-70).

Attached is a short video of the Our Father

Below is the link for the session review.

Please continue to work on this prayer with your child.

Have a great week.

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 12 -- Jan. 31 - Feb. 6

Hello parents and first graders.

We hope 2021 is going well for you. We hope you had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas season.

In this week's lesson we will learn the beginning of a very special prayer. Jesus taught us how to pray to God, our Father. He gave us a beautiful prayer, the Lord's Prayer, to help us learn how to pray. Prayer is both talking and listening to God. This week we'll learn the first part of the Lord's prayer.

Please have your child read and do the activities in Unit 2 Session 7 (pages 55-62).

Below is the link for the session review.

From now through the end of February we would like you to focus on the Lord's Prayer (The Our Father) with your child.

As always please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great week.

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 11 -- Dec. 20-26

Good Morning everyone!

This week's lesson is a short video about the birth of Jesus. God the Father has given us the best gift on Christmas: his Son, Jesus. Please remember Jesus, the Son of God, the Prince of Peace, on Christmas day. 

This is our last class of 2020. We have Winter Break and will resume class (virtually) on January 31.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 10 -- Dec. 13-19

For this week's lesson we thought we would do something different. We truly miss not having your children in the classroom. And not getting to see their sweet faces. So this week we would like to have a short zoom meeting for those of you that can attend. Please feel free to attend with your child. We would just like to introduce ourselves and have the children introduce themselves. They can show us one of their favorite things that they have in your house. Whether it be a Christmas decoration, a pet or their favorite toy etc. We thought it would be a nice opportunity for all of us to spend a few minutes together and get to know each other. This is not mandatory. If you cannot make it that is absolutely fine. We will do it at 9:15am this coming Sunday, December 13.

Here is the link for the Zoom meet. It will begin at 9:15
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 836 4799 9199
Passcode: 192010

We very much look forward to seeing you all!

WEEK 9 -- Dec. 6-12

Good morning everyone.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. For the next several lessons we will be jumping around in the book a bit. This week we will continue to learn about Advent. Remember that Jesus is the light of the world. Like Jesus, each candle adds light that helps us see how much God the Father loves us. When all four candles are lit, we know we will soon celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Please have your child read and do the activities in Unit 2 Session 10 (pages 79 - 84).

When your child finishes the lesson please have them complete the review.

This month we will focus on the Hail Mary prayer. Please start to review this prayer with your child.

Additionally, we are looking to spread Christmas cheer to our frontline parishioners (nurses, doctors, firefighters, and EMTs). If your child would be willing to make 1-2 cards we believe it would be a meaningful project for all involved. This is by no means mandatory. If you and your child are interested please fill out the google form found here

Have a great week.
Mollie and Amy

WEEK 8 -- Nov. 22-28

Good Morning Parents!

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. Please spend some time with your child talking about things they are thankful for. Please complete this "I am Thankful for..." coloring sheet. Please feel free to email us a picture of your child's coloring sheet. We would love to see them!

Next Sunday, November 29, we are off for the holiday however it is the first Sunday of Advent for 2020. This week we will start to learn about Advent.

Please watch this short video with your child about Advent. Advent is a season of hope and joyful anticipation. While we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we also use the season of Advent to grow in our love for Jesus. Unlike our regular calendar year, the liturgical year begins on the first Sunday of Advent.

You can find additional Advent resources at

We wish you and your families a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 7 -- Nov. 15-21

Good Morning.

We hope you all had a great week and enjoyed some time outside in the beautiful weather. In this week's lesson we learn about Ordinary Time in the church calendar. Ordinary Time is a season in which we are grateful for living things and celebrate by giving thanks to God for the gifts he has given us.

Please have your child read and do the activities in Unit 1 Session 5 (pages 37 - 42).

When your child finishes the lesson please have them complete the review.

Also please continue to practice the Glory Be prayer as well as saying the Sign on the Cross and blessing themselves.

Here is a little video about mass and the sign of the cross.

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful week.
Mollie and Amy

WEEK 6 -- Nov. 8-14

Hello first grade parents.

We hope you all had a fabulous week. We are going to do something different for this week's lesson. Because the weather is so phenomenal (and out for the norm for us this time of year in the Northeast) we would like for you and your family to go outside and enjoy the weather. Please take a book and read with your child outside, lay on a blanket and look at the shapes the clouds make, take a hike, one night this week go out late and appreciate the Leonids meteor shower. Take some time to appreciate the wonderful world God has given us and talk about these gifts with your child. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Please look at the link for additional ideas on helping kids connect with God through nature as well as scripture to help connect the two.

We wish you a blessed week!

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 5 -- Nov. 1-7

Good morning first grade parents.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.
This week's lesson we learn about the Holy Spirit and theTrinity. Please have your child complete Unit 1 Session 4 (pages 29-36).  
When your child finishes the lesson please complete the review. and put our email in on the last screen (
This month we would like you and your child to work on the Glory Be prayer which is found in this session on page 33. We would also like you to continue to practice with your child saying the Sign on the Cross and blessing themselves.
Also today is All Saints Day, today we think of those who live in heaven with God. Pages 237-240 tell us of All Saints Day.  Check out this All Saints Day activity.
Have a wonderful week.
Mollie and Amy

WEEK 4 -- Oct. 25-31

Good Morning First Grade Parents.

In this week's lesson we learn that God is the loving father to us all. We learn about God and his son, Jesus, through stories in the Bible. Please have your child complete Unit 1 Session 3 (pgs 21 - 28)
When your child finishes the lesson please complete the review.
Please continue to work on the Sign of the Cross with your child.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
We hope you all have a wonderful week and a very Happy Halloween! 
Best, Mollie and Amy

WEEK 3 -- Oct. 18-24

Good Morning First Grade Parents.

In today's lesson we learn about mass. Mass is the most important celebration of our faith. When we go to Mass and hear stories about God, we learn about the ways God shares his love. When we pray to God at Mass we are joining others in showing our love for him. Please have your child complete Unit 1 Session 2 (pages 13 - 20)

When your child finishes the lesson please complete the review.

Please continue to work on the Sign of the Cross with your child. Page 244 our text shows the proper way to bless yourself along with the words.

Also please watch the following video. It tells us about the Church.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any problems or questions.

Have a wonderful week!

Mollie and Amy

WEEK 2 -- Oct. 11-17

Good morning parents and first graders,

Saint Francis of Assisi found God in everything, especially in nature. Pages 1 - 4 in our text we will learn about this lover of nature and animals.
Today's lesson, session 1, is about God the Creator.  The children will read from the Book of Genesis about the creation. They will also hear about God's love for us and how we show our love for God through kindness to others and prayer. We would like you to complete pages 5 - 12.  Please pay special attention to page 9 to practice the Sign of the cross. Also please notice the QR codes on pgs 2, 5,7, 9  and 12, just scan them with your device's camera, or if using a digital version of the text just click on the icon to take your child to a video, game or audio file. More info on accessing QR codes here.
When you have completed the lesson please go to Please complete the review. This is a little review to see how much we learned. Email the results to us at
Please reach out if you have any questions or would like clarification on anything.  
Have a wonderful week!
Mollie and Amy

WEEK 1 -- Oct. 4-10

Dear First Grade Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 year of St. Eulalia’s Religious Education program. This week’s welcome email is much longer than our typical weekly email will be so please bear with us and read it in its entirety. We are excited to be your child’s teachers this year, and are looking forward to sharing our faith with them. We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We have been teaching first grade religious ed together for 5 years. Mollie is a mother of 3, a 10th grader, an 8th grader, and a 5th grader. Amy also has 3 children, a 7th grader, a 4th grader, and a 2nd grader.

As you are aware, we are beginning this year virtually. Depending on your personal preference, you have been given a physical or digital copy of the book for your student. Each Sunday morning we will send the week’s lesson and any supplemental materials via email and Remind (see below for instructions on joining the First Grade Remind class). Lessons and announcements will also be available on a dedicated religious education section on the parish website.

We suggest saving 9-9:30am on Sundays for the lesson and then either attend the 10:05am mass or watch the livestream mass together. However, we do understand the various constraints on each family’s time and mass preferences so as long as you can attend mass and complete the weekly assignments, we consider it a WIN.

Aside from the book materials we also work on our basic prayers as first grade is a preparation year for the two sacraments your child will receive next year in second grade. This is the prayers sheet that we will use throughout the year.

We would also like to encourage you to join both the parish Facebook and the parish Religious Ed Facebook pages. Throughout the year there will be resources and announcements available to you as members of our parish community as well as parents of a Religious Ed student.

***This week’s Lesson***

In a typical class year we have the children fill out an all about me coloring sheet to hang up in the room, since we cannot do that we are asking for you to print this All about Me coloring sheet, complete it and email it to us at so we can get to know your kiddos a bit. If you do not have access to a printer please just have your kiddo answer the questions posed on the coloring sheet…Name, age, birthday, favorite food, favorite color, favorite subject, favorite sport, what they would like to be when they grow up and about their family.

Please print the attached prayer sheet and review the prayers with your child.  For this week and the next few weeks we would like them to focus on properly blessing themselves and saying the words.

We realize some of you are new to our Religious Education program and this virtual learning is new and different for us all so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time with any questions or concerns.

Mollie Magnotta and Amy Croom

The textbooks for grades 1-6 (hardcopy and digital) incorporate QR codes (those black and white square boxes) linking to the publisher's website with videos, activities, and other multimedia features. 

This QR code to the left is not clickable on a laptop or desktop. Click here to read about accessing QR codes on various devices.


Below is a brief outline of what children enrolled in St. Eulalia's Religious Education Program learn during First Grade

This is the first year of the 2-year program required for children to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The goal at the end of First Grade Religious Education is for all children to know their four major prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and Act of Contrition. Students also get an overview of the Bible and how the liturgical year is organized. Students are taken to the church to see the altar and baptismal font and choir loft, areas within the church they normally cannot see during Mass. Students learn about the rosary and the trinity.

Click here for our Religious Ed Prayer Sheet we use with all students in the program.

Sign Up for Religious Education -- You can complete the online registration form or download the PDF registration form. The completed PDF can be emailed back to Mrs. Clancy or printed and placed in the Offertory Box in the church, mailed to the parish office (ATTN: Alysia Clancy), or dropped off at the parish office.

If you are new to our parish, you can register online or download and complete the parish census form.

**Please note, preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion is a two-year course of study.