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Religious Education

While we believe the faith formation of our youth is vital, we also believe in protecting our children, our teachers, our parish families, and our community. 

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Check out our all new Religious Education Handbook

Each week check out the Sunday Connection before or after mass to help your student(s) put this week's readings into context.

This Week’s Family Connection (April 18)

Gospel Reading: Luke 24:35-48

What's happening? Jesus appears again to his disciples and shares a meal with them.

Family life is strengthened through storytelling and shared meal times. In a similar way, Christian life is sustained by God’s word in Scripture and by Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. We are especially sustained in our faith through our weekly celebration of Mass. Today’s Gospel reading reminds us that the Scripture and the Eucharist are given to us so that our acts of bearing witness to Christ might be strengthened.

As you gather as a family, ask each person to share their favorite story about your family. Talk about the importance of these memories about your family life and the importance of the meals you have shared together as a family. Recall that these stories and meals strengthen the love you share. In a similar way, our Christian life is strengthened by sharing God’s Word and the Eucharist at Mass. The Eucharist also sends us to be Christ’s witnesses in the world today. Conclude by praying together that we will be strengthened by God’s word and by Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist to be witnesses to Christ. Pray together Tantum Ergo (With heads bowed let us now worship a sacrament so great; And let the old teaching give way to the new; Let faith reinforce our belief where the senses cannot. To the Father and the Son let there be praise and jubilation, Salvation, honor, virtue, and also blessing; To the Holy Spirit let there be equal praise.)

‚ÄčSay your prayers with Fr. Tudgay! Although the  video was created for our Second Grade students preparing for First Reconciliation we invite everyone to pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Act of Contrition with Father while we are apart. 
NOTE: Father recites a different version of the Act of Contrition than we teach in our program. As we tell the children, there are many versions of this prayer and none of them are wrong. If they are still working on the prayer they can use Fr. Tudgay’s version or the one from our parish prayer sheet (or another one all together).

Religious Education Calendar:

  • 4/11: Week 21
  • 4/18: Week 22
    • CANCELED - 8th grade meet in parish hall or via Zoom 9-10am
  • 4/25: Week 23
  • 5/2: Week 24. Last class
    • 8th grade meet in parish hall or via Zoom 9-10am. Confirmation "quiz"


NEW -- Each year, the Diocese of Scranton requires parish Religious Education programs to complete a Safe Environment lesson with all students. During our virtual program, this lesson has been modified for parents to complete at home with their child(ren). You know your children best and how to discuss these very important, but sensitive, matters. This lesson is a guideline for families, but mostly we want you to have this conversation in the most appropriate way for your family and your children. Please review this lesson as a family and then let me know it's been completed either by signing the form and emailing it to me or just sending an "it's done" email to Thank you -- Alysia Clancy

NEW -- Take a virtual tour of the church. See the views from the choir loft and altar. Learn about the statues and holy oils.

Families can now pay their fees online using their credit/debit card or checking account. Of course anyone is still welcome to send a check to the parish office or place the fees in an envelope and place in the offertory box.

Number Students Registering (max family payment is $105)

Sign Up for Religious Education -- We welcome new students and families at any time during the year. To register just complete the online registration form or download the PDF registration form. The completed PDF can be emailed back to Mrs. Clancy or printed and placed in the Offertory Box in the church, mailed to the parish office (ATTN: Alysia Clancy), or dropped off at the parish office.

If you are new to our parish, download and complete the parish registration/census form and email it to, place it in the offertory box or mail it to the parish office.

**Please note, preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion is a two-year course of study. If you would like to discuss your options for Second Graders new to our Religious Education program please call the Parish Office at 570-842-7656 or email Alysia Clancy at**

NOW AVAILABLE -- Religious Education Handbook with answers to frequently asked questions, an overview of the curriculum, and more.

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