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May 31, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

As I announced at mass this morning, we are working diligently to plan for resuming the public celebration of mass here at St. Eulalia’s in the coming weeks. We will resume the public celebration of mass gradually with daily mass offered at 8 am on Wednesday, June 10th and Thursday, June 11th. Our first celebration of weekend masses will be held at 4 pm on Saturday, June 13th and on Sunday June 14th at 8 am and 10:05 am.

Please be assured, we will continue to livestream the Sunday 10:05 am mass on our Parish Facebook page for the foreseeable future. 

We are finalizing our online notification system for the above-mentioned masses (and masses as we move through the summer). You will be able to register online as well as by calling the Parish Office. I know you are excited to register but please have just a bit more patience. As soon as the registration process is in place we will be sure to send an email and post on our Facebook page and Parish website. We ask you to keep friends and family who do not have Internet access informed. 

As we resume the public celebration of mass, the health and safety of every single member of the St. Eulalia Parish is paralleled with the celebration of the sacraments as my highest priority. During these unprecedented times we all have worked to strengthen the domestic churches of our homes, and I have no doubt that our parish community will come back stronger and filled with God's love and grace.


Sincerely in Christ,

Father Jeff Tudgay



As we begin to plan for the gradual reopening of the church and resume the public celebration of mass, we are gathering input from our parishioners as to their eagerness to return to in-person celebrations and their concerns of opening up the church building.



All parishioners are invited to 

complete our Reopening Survey. 

Click here to access the survey.



If you cannot access the survey or have other issues please contact Father Tudgay at

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April 29, 2020

Dear Parishioners,

As many of you know, yesterday was one of the nicest days we’ve had in some time and I took advantage of the sunshine to go for a walk…a pretty long walk! And it felt great. As I enjoyed the sun and fresh air (yet another thing I’ve learned not to take for granted!) there was something else that captured my attention. I observed people interacting in a responsible way….neighbors, wearing masks and observing social distancing, were enjoying cocktail hour from different sides of the street while their children tossed a baseball to one another, also responsibly observing social distancing. Couples were taking walks and individuals were walking their pets. People were waving and smiling at one another and displayed a genuine sense of joy at seeing one another. In short, I was struck by two things: a desire to resume interaction with one another and a commitment to do so responsibly.

For nearly two months, nearly every aspect of life has been altered, suspended, or redefined in a short span of time. For many, you have had to balance the reality of working from home while overseeing the education of your children. For some, you’re unable to work and the economic uncertainties are frightening. Some have lost family members and loved ones to COVID-19 and have had the ability to say goodbye and ritualize their passing into eternal life through Christian burial denied. Our healthcare workers – the true heroes of our day – are on the front lines and experience the full horrors of the current pandemic. Our prayers are with them daily. In short, our current circumstances weigh heavily on everyone in different ways. It is in this time and in these moments where our support and love for one another is critical.

It is said that a crisis can bring out both the best and the worst in people. I suppose that’s the risk for all of us and from time to time, our “best” maybe hasn’t been front and center. That’s human nature, however, and none of us are perfect, and that’s ok. However, in the midst of our imperfections and shortcomings, there have been some truly beautiful acts of support, heroism, compassion, and charity that have been displayed in our community and from within our parish. I believe that these beautiful acts are the truth of who we are. It’s this goodness and love that define us, not the mistakes we make or the struggles that we face. If our eyes are tuned in properly, we can see the good around us in so many people. This is where we see Christ in the world around us, which gives us hope and brings us peace.

As the weeks ahead will unfold in a way that has yet to be determined, I’m optimistic and eager about how we will resume life here at Saint Eulalia’s. We will be tasked with the process of transitioning from our “digital, domestic” parish back to some semblance of what had previously been familiar. I know that many of you are eager for life to return to as “normal” as possible and that is certainly my priority here. But I’m also mindful that when we resume the public celebration of mass, we need to do so responsibly, working diligently to ensure the safety of all our parishioners, especially those who are more vulnerable.

Our scientific community continues to discover new dynamics about the transmission of the coronavirus and its impact on different people. The Catholic intellectual tradition teaches us that we always engage the world around us by incorporating faith with reason. The Christian faith draws us into the mystery of the Church’s sacraments where we are nourished by Christ in the Eucharist and receive the healing of his love in Reconciliation. This is built on our baptism. All of the sacraments, however, are deeply interconnected with one another and are the principle way that God’s grace touches our soul. In short, our practice of the sacraments allows us to become holy even in the midst of our struggles and imperfections.

As Catholics, our practice of the faith and the celebration of the sacraments must be balanced with a consideration of protecting the common good for our parishioners. As we resume the communal celebration of the Eucharist at Sunday mass, we all have an obligation to do so with an appropriate observation of the practices that scientists and doctors have determined are necessary for our safety. These practices will be unlike anything that we have ever experienced at mass but have become commonplace in the world around us. Specifically, I would anticipate that we will all wear masks when entering the church and that social distancing will be observed in creative ways for the celebration of mass. These practices, while inconvenient, ensure that the common good can be balanced appropriately with the desire and need for our reception of the Eucharist.

Deep within the human being is a longing for communion with one another. This is expressed most fully in our communal celebration of the mass. As we resume our interactions with one another at church, at work, at school, within families, and among friends, we are obliged to do so responsibly. In the weeks ahead, our pastoral and finance council will be meeting to discuss the practicalities of how we will responsibly resume the public celebration of mass. We will communicate everything with you via Facebook, our website, and weekly bulletin emails. Thank you so much for your patience and commitment during these days. You’ve been amazing and Saint Eulalia’s is seen as a parish that is remaining strong during these times. I’m beyond grateful for that! I look forward to seeing all of you again soon and be assured of my love and prayers. I miss all of you more that you can imagine and serving you as your pastor remains the greatest privilege of my life.

Father Jeff Tudgay


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